Daedalus Transaction Failed

I have recenlty created a new wallet on Daedalus for the sole purpose of transfering ADA from another wallet contained in the same installation of Daedalus. However the transaction after many minutes is still showing as failed and the ADA has been moved from the originating wallet. Zero balance in receiving wallet.

What this all about? I was able to easily transfer ADA to an old existing wallet on the same installation but this new wallet is not receiving it.


This is really frustrating. Tried sending from 2 distinct wallets. Both failed. Both ADA amounts lost

Strangely in Cardanno Block Explorer I have a 17ADA balance which is correct. WTF

Woo realy upsetting this i think,glad you did not send couple of thousands ada just a few,i did this like you many months back all went fine no trouble @ all also tested with 1 ada then big sending to the new wallet.there must be a bright member here to explane what went wrong?? Hope its gett sorted out for you soon.
Rob jf one of the leaders here know much try him??.cheers ada no 1

Sorry you’ve not had any knowledgeable responses here, I’d try the Telegram support group, https://t.me/CardanoCommunityTechSupport.

The explorer is more reliable than a wallet if there’s any discrepancy.

Hi, Today I made transaction from my daedalus wallet to my second daedalus wallet.
Transaction failed, 1000 ADA just lost. Is there any possibilty to get these ADA back ?
This is not my mistake, development problem…

If the transactions are failed, then that means that your ADAs are still on the old wallet. Check the addresses on the explorer.

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Hi, thanks for advice, I tried to restore the old wallet, but the 1000 Ada is still missing.

po 18. 11. 2019 v 3:20 odesĂ­latel Pal Dorogi via Cardano Forum cardano@discoursemail.com napsal:

Then you should contact to IOHK, cos failed tx means that it was not added in a block, so the UtxO should still be unspent on the blockhain. Anyway, can you send us the details of that tx e.g. tx number.


Here is one of the transactions, which failed. 1000 ADA transfer.


so 23. 11. 2019 v 8:38 odesĂ­latel Pal Dorogi via Cardano Forum cardano@discoursemail.com napsal:

Your money seems on this address instead: https://cardanoexplorer.com/address/DdzFFzCqrht9TipArvyfGxJyKPp9xMWvj4z2nQvRLTeBEaHSkZBJapgCpu99NrbC7mGidafSc8fjv7cuqATzZvyX4Hq95op16WXQk7JD
But, I am not sure why the failed transactions exist on blockchain.

Hmmmm, it’s seems legit now, so your Daedalus should show the correct balance.

I just ran into this same issue transferring Ada from one Daedalus wallet to another. The offending wallet was one I had not used in a while and just reconstituted it in Daedalus with my 12 seed words. If you have your 12 seed words, you can recover the Ada stuck in the failed transaction, by using Yoroi’s “Transfer all funds from > Daedalus Wallet” functionality to pull those Ada back into your Yoroi wallet. I have tested this several times with small amounts sent to the offending Daedalus wallet. Still no idea why transactions fail to that particular wallet though.