Missing ADA | No Transaction History

So where do I start, yesterday I opened my wallet in Yoroi and nothing was loading. I attempted to resync my wallet, after that didn’t work, I removed Yoroi entirely from my browser. Upon recovering my account, everything is still slow to load until my Total Ada appears. 18 ADA…that I received as rewards…from staking my 1006 ADA. I know it’s not a lot to most, but it was important because I just managed to get my wallet over 1000 ADA. After attempting to resync again, it appears all of my transaction history is gone, like it never happened. Is there anyway I can recover my ADA or should I make piece with losing over a thousand dollars of my hard earned money.


There are several topics already opened about this subject … it looks like yoroi has some issues these days… have patience; if the balance on cardanoscan.io is ok then u should not worry, the funds are ok

But if u want to perform transactions u can restore the wallet on adalite.io


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