Most Predictions for Cardano End of 2019

Are between 40-50 cents.That would be reasonable considering the slow progress.

I used to think like you, that the progress was slow… The more and more I have learned though the more I have realised that in fact progress is not slow. They have been getting through mountains of work and they are doing it the right way, not just rushing out products that are garbage and that would truly damage the price and potential of this project in the long-term.

When you are innovating in a new space, when you are developing infrastructure and technology that needs to be robust, without faults and scalable to millions or even billions of users you had better take the time to build it properly.

Sure, if you want to compare the speed of releases to other projects in this space or even other tech projects based in Silicon Valley you can sit there and whine about a seemingly slow pace but if you don’t recognise or understand the importance of getting things right the first time round when it comes to a project with this kind of global ambition then you have misunderstood what it is you are investing in.


I totally endorse it

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