Your thoughts on the pace of Cardano, a slow pace could mean the future will be obsolete

Your thoughts on the pace of Cardano.

I have invested in Cardano, I have become skeptical mainly because of the pace and the “my eyes are bigger than stomach syndrome”

Simply slow pace and too much on the plate is what i mean.

By the time everything comes to get who know what technology will be better, or there will be a very strong alt coin with new tech.

Pace is important in any I.T or tech.

Think of Cardano as Netscape, who knows who or what can come along and over take the whole industry while Cardano is still in the process of finishing their road map.

This is a great question and Charles had a detailed answer in this AMA:


My opinion is their team is pretty amazing and at this point has completely rewritten the code to suit the bigger picture that is shaped by cutting edge research. Pace will pick up dramatically from here out. IOHK has been learning and growing in terms of management as well. A juggernaut is being created here.

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I have found myself a bit frustrated at the pace of progress. Especially by how Shelley was delayed and by how little we knew about the building blocks that went to making it go live.

BUT Charles’ latest video shows how daunting of a task it is to build a platform (with all bells and whistles).

If Cardano was just another currency your frustration would have been well-placed. But it is something that no one has even attempted before. A full platform built on top of a provably secure code with a number of smart contract languages and sidechain capabilities.

It is a gigantic effort with a lot of moving parts. And by the looks of it the biggest challenges (bad codebase and slow CF) are behind us. These days I am quite confident about Cardano’s ability to claim the future, because, considering what they are building, no one else comes even close.

In my books, they are building an iPhone-like product in early 90s. Way ahead of their time!