Multiple receive address?

Hi, first post new to all this. I have a question. When I send ADA to my Daedalus wallet from an exchange there can be multiple receiver addresses when I have only pasted 1? Sometimes 3 receive an address in transaction list on the wallet and sometimes as many as 9. Why is there so many receiving addresses? I thought there should only be 2 public and private? Unless it related to the 3 types of address.

  • Base address:
  • Pointer address:
  • Enterprise address:

Any help appreciated. Cheers.

Don’t worry. Exchanges use one transaction to send ADA to multiple addresses to save time and effort. It’s good because it reduces your waiting time.

It’s also good because it somewhat obfuscates your transactions to give you a bit more privacy.

As long as the amount you send and receive is the same, it shouldn’t be a problem.


Ahhh I see , that explains it. Thank you very much for the reply.


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Welcome @jdm3131 and glad @ZCryt0Knight helped you out! :slight_smile:

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Hi @jdm3131
This forum post on PoS delegation might help you to understand the concept of those three different types of addresses :slight_smile:

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