My ada is gone in daedalus


The guy who started the topic has installed a scam version of Daedalus for Android which was available in Google market a couple of months back (you can also see a screenshot from him where IOHK support tells him that Daedalus for mobile never existed). He typed in his recovery phrase into that app and his funds got stolen later on.
It has literally nothing to do with Daedalus security, the guy just gave his private key to a scammer directly.



Cryptocurrency requires a degree of personal responsibility.

I agree with that but at the same time it’s one of the main reasons crypto is still so low on economy implementation. Most people don’t want to deal with security concerns. They want a product that will grant them a high level of security.

If in this case the issue was a scam then obviously the user was not informed enough on the matter. Should he make sure it’s not a scam? Yes. But it’s not the issue here. If a user has to check for sacms at every corner then he or she just won’t use the product anymore as it’s more a pain than a creadit card or cash. 99% of population is not ahead of the curve, they want a simple life without necessary worries. Cardano should extend the hand to those people too. Help them prevent such situation by better spreading the information about the product.

As I see Cardano now - it’s a great prospect run by very smart nerds who don’t necessarily understand the limitations of average Joe.



The project is still in early-mid development and haven’t been advertised to an average Joe. People follow the hype and buy stuff without understanding how it works. You can’t really blame developers for still developing the thing.
I’m pretty sure that with time we will see some projects offering Vault or other kind of Safe services, but for now the project is still very young.



Hi all,

The wallet was created by myself and the 12 words are written down on sheet a paper and kept in my safe. No other copies. My laptop is always on my desk at home so noone has access to it.
Transaction assuarance security level was set normal. But if it is not safe why it is the default setting? And Daedalus does not warn the users that strict setting is recommended.
To be honest I cannot see any user error issue here!!!



One more thing. I reported the issue yesterday to Daedalus support, and no answer came back to me. I think it is very unprofessional.
I any fraud happens to your bank card or bank account, they treat you totally different. They investigate your case and the stolen money is always compensated.
That’s the truth…



I see your point. I think more user friendly tools and services will come, but these things take time. Coinbase support will help out a lot for users who don’t feel confident in storing their crypto themselves.



Metaps is a good example of such service, and actually the only use case for an average Joe right now. They have their own application and verification procedure, so it’s quite hard to be scammed with them. I hope we will be getting more projects like that for regular users.

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Can Cardano add 2FA,… to confirm transaction?
Password maybe not enough to security transaction. We need more levels.



I would like 2FA as well.



I would not use that computer for any other secure transactions at this point I’m sorry to say.



Of course I will not use this computer for any other transaction.
I totaly agree that 2FA would be very necessary. It would have saved my ADAs for sure.
I do not understand why Daedalus does not have it as it is a basic security solution nowadays…



2FA relies on a shared secret. By design this can only work in a centralized environment like an exchange or an online wallet.

But a multi sig would be possible and kind of the blockchain equivalent of 2FA.

(Multi sig means for example: you need 2 private keys to access the funds. But, there are also more advanced multi sig solutions like: there are 3 private keys and 2 of them are sufficent to access the funds)



Hi Zsolt. I’m so sorry about all of this. I feel sick for you.

Banks charge fees for their services to protect your money. Crypto currently offer no such equivalent. IOHK can only control their software but nothing regarding your “banking”. I don’t imagine they have the equivalent banking resources for service calls. Of the solutions crypto offers, there are new problems that we aren’t used to.

Crypto will not be adopted as it could be without a service layer that offers protection and or insurance, likely for a fee, just like our current banking systems.

This is a wide open market opportunity if anyone can figure out a solution.

That said it seems 2FA should be a blitzed priority if IOHK could put a team on that asap. It’s unsettling the issues Daedalus has asked the community to bear since inception.



There definitely should be another layer of security and safe storage for those who are willing to sacrifice a bit of decentralization in order to protect their funds. I believe most people would actually prefer that and for those who want full decentralization - they can always go that route anytime by either not storing their crypto in the vault or by simply withdrawing them to their personal wallet.

I understand ADA is in the early development phase, but I identify security concerns to be one of the main reasons people are wary of crypto therefore it should be one of the main priorities for any project that plans to succeed in the mass market.



@taeha, is there any update on this?



crystalballpre2 this is what can possibly happen by a simple mistake and is why the other post I tagged you in is important to follow



I think introducing an optional Spending password would add an additional layer of security in the Daedalus wallet.

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You mean a 2nd spending password ? There is one in Daedalus already isn’t it??

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Dear All,
I had exactly the same issue. Note that my computer storing the wallet was offline during the date of the transaction. Cardano is not safe and there is a hacker who has found a way to bypass the Daedalus wallet. And I don’t see any significant threads or effort to investigate. If you know an investigator who could help, let me know.



BTW, I tracked most of it to the address: DdzFFzCqrhsmLfQVpdMcZEKoMCbxynn2qpAoYoZZE2QbtrgAZXEgkMtkdzCpMTrNEo4SsdTBgjHnDPbrwZbnuivaCxe4VceuSL45UdEW
Whoever has information on this one, I am ready to contribute to the community…