Mythical IOIndex Coin - tracking coins IOHK is involved with

Saline09 had a great idea of procuring coins that are involved with IOHK as longer term investments. To try and track how well that strategy works (or doesn’t work), I’ve created a mythical IOCoin that holds a weighted basket of IOHK related coins.
And for fun, I’ll post that with current pricing and we can track it every three months or so and see how this concept fares.

To start:
IOCoin Holdings:

50% Cardano = .6101
25% ZenCash = 41.1228
12.5% Storm = .0824
12.5% ETC (Ethereum Classic) = 27.7489

1/26/18 pricing (via

I may actually take a small amount today, and buy the above just so it’s being tracked with real funds as well.

Anyway, just a fun project for now - let’s see how it fares over 2018!


I like this idea @MegaWind and will probably do the same. Is HitBTC the only exchange that offers Storm currently? I didn’t see a list of Exchanges on their website.

Glad you like the concept Kylightning.
Re; purchasing StormX - looks like
CoinRail (Korean exchange)
Bancor network

I may try Bancor or RadarRelay for it - first time to ever use these so we’ll see!

I used HitBTC…BTC transfer and purchase went fine, but have yet to move them into a wallet…will update you once that’s done.


Thanks for the info ReisBaron.
I think HitBTC has much better pricing than Bancor.
Example as of tonight:
Storm on HitBTC = .0979 (BTC->Storm)
Bancor = .102948 (ETH->Storm)

Or basically 5% premium to buy via Bancor.

Bought STORM on HitBTC and transferred it into the Jaxx wallet a couple of days ago, no probs.

Looking at getting more STORM, also ZEN, but they’re both well up over the last 24 hours, any opinions on whether it’s worth putting it off for a day or three, or should I go for it now?

@MegaWind @saline09 are you guys still keeping an eye on this?

I am about to diversify in crypto so will pick the satellite around cardano :slight_smile:

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Hi Siddarth,
I’m still watching this index.
Of the satellite coins, ZenCash has held up the best in the latest coin downturn…so I would consider over-allocating to that within the broader index.

Maybe I’ll ico a “CharlesCoin” or IOCoin lol when Cardano supports sidechains and each coin will hold the underlying coins as a portfolio :slight_smile:

Hope you are doing well!

haha, creating an investment coin is actually a good idea. I am rooting for you on this!

Hope you are doing well too and looking forward to the pools going live :slight_smile:

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Cardano and Sirin have made a partnership also, maybe take a look at Sirin.

Sirin only states it’s supporting Cardano on Finney. That could also mean it’s supporting a dozen others.

yes, thats true.

So to update this mythical index with the latest quotes (it won’t be pretty…). Start date was 1/26/18, and here’s the changes:

Cardano = .16 (vs .6101) = -73.77%
ZenCash = 18.30 (vs 41.1228) = -55.61%
Storm = .0191 (vs .0824) = -76.82%
ETC = 16.61 (vs 27.7489) = -40.08%

March 18, 2018

Let’s check back in another two months and hope things look brighter! Glad I didn’t start it as an actual index coin or I’d have a lot of unhappy investors atm. That probably means now is a great time to do it with real funds :slight_smile:


Now would not be a bad time to begin using real funds, I would think that the next 10 days have some recession but would not reflect a negative if you were to update in 2 months,