Hi this address shows as trusted by google and kapersky antivirus,
I was trying to install it on mobile desktop site , all looked the same as whem i installed on laptop…but also was marked trusted…now 4 nfts have gone been trfrd out and seem to ne staked on Goat pool…anybody else lost this way is the official site, so if u downloaded/installed the wallet only from official site should not be the reason for ur lost

Are u sure u didn’t tiped your seed phrase on any other suspicious application?


Yes, that is the correct address of Nami.

What is a “mobile desktop site”?

There is no mobile app for Nami and there were several fakes. And Google took ages for taking them down.

I think there is a mobile browser that can use extensions made for desktop Chrome. That could perhaps install the legitimate Nami extension.

That’s interesting. For a lot of the other victims of fake apps, the funds also went to an address staked to Goat:

Thanks for your reply, i feel theres a glitch somewhere.

Am i right in thinking somebody would need my see phrase and also my Password to trfr out of the account , any trfrs i do always need the password from within the wallett…

Im at a loss how to get these back …its annoying as one was a OGbear and another bit of land for isometric think it was called …not end of world stuff but mice to get back.

Hi alexd , you re becoming a bit of a legend on here…

The seed phrase was correct 100% i know this because just about 10days prior i had trfrd successfully from one laptop to another…its the only nami seed phrase i have and also when it loaded up i could see my trfrs in and also when it was trfrd out to the fake wallett.

Be nice to get back …but i guess this is the price we pay for very little regulation

No, the password is not needed if you or they have the seed phrase.

The spending password is only used locally by the wallet app to encrypt your private keys, so you don’t have to give the whole seed phrase again every time.

From the seed phrase, all keys can be derived without additional security. That’s why it has to be kept safe and secure.

Mobile dssktop on your phone, its an option at the top of the page normally to open in desktop ta

Okay, guessing here, but: You mean the “open as desktop website” option available in most mobile browsers?

Which browser do you use on your mobile?

Also: There is no wallet app directly on It just gives you links to install the extension (in Chrome or browsers derived from Chrome).

Did you do that? There are only very few mobile browser that can handle extensions.

If you saw a wallet app without installing an extension, you were not on, but perhaps/probably on a scam site.

Yes clicked on to install extension then add and it said added…i think there is a glitch somewhere that it loooks like its installed and clearly isnt because it doesnt work on chrome through mobile as we both know.
So its kind of lost in the ether, and looks like points to goat stake…it all seems weird …
The address as quite a few on it as i checked see what else was going through it from other people…iys very weird