Need help with a way to validate that i wrote the seed word correctly

I have my origional wallet running. I. Have the passphrase written correctly but i dfont have thec seed words nearly written…im unsurer about 2 of the words…

I just hate not having the seed words…ifsomething were to go wrong with my mac?

Can i install a new instence on the same maschine…aand transfer that way? What should i do? Please help…thanks in advance!

Your best bet (IMHO) is to install a new wallet in another computer with a new seed (make sure you get it right), and transfer all the funds to the new wallet…then you can delete and restore the first wallet with the seed that you are unsure about…another option would be to send all your ADA to an exchange and deleting and restoring the wallet, if the seed word does not work, then create a brand new wallet (making sure you get the words right) and transfer back the ADA from the exchange…

I only have 1 mac the other old one is windows and i dont want to work with that…

So transfer all ada to binance…blow out my wallent on the machine/ mac…reinstall and tranfer the ada back to it?

The problem is, i did this once before after deleasting it? But it did not truely delete? Some filer must have been left behind hiddem
So how do i titally kill it?

Is it worth it? I mean it works is i would rather wait and buy a new mac…if ada would just go up in price!

Pc, i see u tying…thanks for all the help friend!!

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That would be an option, yes…
1.- Send ADA to Binance (leave 1 ADA or fractions of ADA behind)
2.- Uninstall Daedalus wallet from your Mac (including all sub-folders)
3.- Reinstall and try to restore with seed words (the one you are not sure about)…if it works, you will see the original amount left behind before sending to binance (and send your ADA back to the wallet)
4.- If it does not work, at least you lost only a few cents
5.- If it does not work, uninstall again (delete all files) and try a fresh new install with a new seed word
6.- Transfer all back from Binance to your new wallet
Yes, it may take you some time to do all this, BUT if you are unsure about the seed word…and your computer crashes…oh boy…yes, there is a BIG file that needs to be deleted, do not recall the name right now…
Make a record also of your Deposit address on your current wallet…just in case

[quote=“pesuazo, post:4, topic:11225”]
Reinstall and try to restore with 4
[/quote]???not sure what u mean

If you leave 1 ADA on your wallet and transfer the rest to another outside address when you restore with your 12 word seed 1 ADA will be on the wallet.

You could also transfer all your ADA to an outside wallet and give your wallet a unique name you will recognize, then delete it all and redownload and install, if your unique named wallet reappears after restore than you would know you have written down the 12 word seed correctly.

As long as you restore correctly!

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The wallet name is just for convenience, it won’t survive a complete uninstall.

When entering the seed phrase, after the first letter or two of each word, all of the possibilities pop up and you click to select the correct one. If you’re just a bit unsure of a couple of words that might be all you need.

Thank you all for taking the time to respond…here is an idea situation …II. Run a second instance of Daedalus wallet on the same magchine…attempt to reseed the walle. I’m thinking this won’t fly?

I have an iPad Pro…I doubt dead Lis could instralll on that right

Are there eve pans to Harvey the wallet run on iOS?

Create second wallet and move all the money there. You don’t need to install another Daedalus, just make new wallet in the same instance, and make sure you store your 12 words properly! Than just send coins with a standard transaction from old wallet to a new wallet address


When I had to restore i had a problem, a word of seed was with “t” and i had seen “f” becouse both have a very similar graphia.

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very good, problem solved thanks for your time!