Neptune Stake Pool [NEP] welcomes all delegators!

Hi everyone!

I’d like to introduce Neptune stake pool (with the ticker NEP). 1% Fee, 300K ADA pledge and 20% of the pool’s profits are donated to charities. 35 blocks minted on the network.

Neptune’s mission is to secure and operate the Cardano network & help fund charity projects across Africa.

To date, we have donated £81 to Dig Deep Africa, £150 to Tree Aid and £105 to Street Child. A BIG thank you to all NEP delegators!

Our short term objective: being able to consistently donate £100 a month to each of the following projects:

  • Street Child: £100 could provide one household in Sierra Leone with livelihood support enabling them to afford the costs of sending their children back to school.
  • TreeAid: A gift of £100 could provide 5 life-changing trees and the tools they need to look after them, giving a family nutritious food and produce to sell all year round.
  • Dig Deep: £100 could provide 2,000L of clean water storage for a school in Kenya.

Pool Details

Ticker: [NEP]
Pledge: 300k ADA
Fixed Cost: 340 ADA
Margin: 1%
Minting performance: 100% on


We use a bare metal server and 3 VPS. They are secure, optimized and always up to date to ensure performance and reliability.

  • BP node: 8 CPUs, 32GB Ram, 500 GB SSD
  • Relays: 3 x 4 vCPUs, 16GB Ram, 300 GB SSD

More Information


Come and say hello on Twitter @PoolVoyager