Network connection lost

Ever since i updated to 1.3 I have not been able to connect.

I thought you were supposed to fix the issue not make it worse…

I was not badly hit by “network connection lost” before.

Anyone else?

i have same problem never had the problem before me just connection to network noting happend mor. i have same issus in both of me pc and me frinds pc

  1. What is the exact error message? Can you post a screenshot?
  2. What OS?
  3. Please check the FAQ for possible solutions and report back with the results.

I have not seen an error message yet. It’s just stuck on reconnecting.

All those fixes for network connection lost implies that something is wrong on my end. As i have changed nothing but updating to 1.3 I cannot see how they should solve anything (considering it was working beforehand).

Same thing for me. It was working until I updated to 1.3.0. Yesterday after update it connected to my wallet and then keep disconnecting. Today no connectivity says " connecting to network…"
I wanted to buy more ADA, but now dealing with this new wrinkle.

after upgraded, the wallet keep showing connecting…

OS: Mac

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I just updated yesterday and same problem on Windows 10. I turned off windows defender firewall, rebooted then I was able to connect to wallet. Then turned on firewall settings. So far so good

I just updated yesterday and same problem with v.1.3.0 on Windows 10. I turned off all windows defender firewall settings, rebooted then I was able to connect to wallet. Then turned on firewall settings. So far so good and still connected with firewalls on.

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Networking issues are very often not as simple as something wrong at a particular location. Forget “whose fault is it?” and methodically try to find solution.

It’s no good just saying “me too”, people who need help each need to start a new thread, describing, their own situation as fully and carefully as possible.

When Icarus is fully functional I think it’s reasonable to expect it to have no network issues whatsoever, so there’s something to look forward to! :grinning:


I have a Win10 pc plain vanilla.

I reinstalled last night. It still did not seem to work. Today it works. I did nothing else.

I had the same issue.
I had to delete the DB-1.0 folder and resync.

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Hi Same here I just updated the wallet on the MAC 0.11.0 1.3.0. 2260 and I am unable to connect to network it keeps saying connecting to network… And I Never had an issue before… Fix this ASAP that is my coins in it…

I am having the same issue have you found anything which works ?

was this your first time downloading? or did you update to 0.10.0 to 0.11.0 through the wallet?

I had a similar problem a while back with the first build of the wallet but
read through old forums, maybe you can find the answer.