Next round IOG/IOHK delegation

Are there any news about the next round of IOG/IOHK delegation strategy? The last round began in May, and over 3 months have passed.

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I guess they got my reminder:

When are they going to announce the new list of lucky pools?

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I think somewhere this week, but I am not sure!



Congrats :beers:


Unfortunately we were not selected, it seems like I did not matter this time that you contributed to the ecosystem or that you are a mission driven pool. A fun fact is that we were the founders of the ‘Cardano forest’ back in April, and Cardano announced it during summit a similar project.
However, congratulations to all SPO’s who received it. But I did not quite get the ‘ecoaware’ questions in the form, because we were not selected on it.
But we will try the CF delegation, anyone know when the CF delegation will take place?

You too Alex. You deserve it!


STPZ1 got IOG delegation,
it will be a great opportunity for all delegators,
have a look at STPZ1 loyalty plan
Schermata da 2021-10-12 23-46-01

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We keepon believe in… ADAm1 :slight_smile: