No balance appears on my wallet

Hello everyone. I need urgent help please. I will summarize my problem as much as possible to see if someone can help me or give me a solution.
I sent 15,225 ADA of binance yesterday to my daedalus wallet and nothing appears to me.
I have it completely synchronized and I am deleting the folder DB-1.0 as they had advised me. but I’m really scared.
The worst thing is that I do not have the seed of 12 words because I lost it some time ago. So, since I have the wallet installed on this computer, I have to solve it anyway. Because I do not have the seed to try on another computer. I do not understand why the balance is not reflected.


Can you please send the screenshot of the “Receive” tab of your wallet where all the addresses are visible?

And also copy the address you have sent your coins TO from binance.


Do you also need the transaction hash?

No need for that. I need the screenshot of the “Receive” tab from your Daedalus with all the addresses visible.

when you can tell me if this is all right please.
I am having a bad time.
I hope I have not lost my cardan ADA

All I want is for my 15,225 ADA to appear on my wallet, please.
I am very worried and scared

Well, did you lose 12 words before or after you have decided to send coins to this address? :slight_smile: 12 secret words IS the wallet, and you don’t have them now. Not the best situation to be in, speaking frankly.

Ok, we can try to still fix it. It seems that you have sent coins to the right address.

Close Daedalus. In the same directory along with the DB-1.0 folder you can find two directories:

  1. Wallet-1.0
  2. Secrets-1.0

These two directories are all you have left from your wallet, so you should treat them now accordingly. ZIP-package these directories and create a copy somewhere else on the computer (and maybe one additional copy on a flash-drive).

Once those directories are secured - uninstall the Daedalus and delete %appdata%\Daedalus directory completely (the one where DB-1.0 is placed). Restart the computer. Then download the latest version from and install it.

When new fresh Daedalus is installed - open the %appdata%\Daedalus directory, delete newly created Wallet-1.0 and Secrets-1.0 and instead put there the directories that you have previously stored. Launch Daedalus, sync, and see if the balance is visible.

If not - report here and we will think what to do next.

(they are your replacement for secret words now)


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okay. Thank you so much for everything. and I will do everything you have asked me to see the results.
I hope everything goes well. I do not want to lose my coins. which is a lot of money
when I do all this that you have asked me I will tell you something