ADA Balance missing since Dec’17; no help from support

My ads balance has been missing since dec’17 the few replies from support were not helpful at all. Last word was that there was an API in development to connect the address to the wallet but no follow up. I’ve performed all the recommended fixes numerous time; and even tried on a new PC; still zero balance!!

Most probable case is that you have an unrelated pair of keys and an address. Keys are used to generate the “private seed of a wallet”, and then this seed is used to generate new addresses. Each address in the blockchain is related to a certain wallet, but this wallet maybe unknown if someone just made a mistake when sending coins.

If you restore your wallet in the Daedalus successfully, and it doesn’t show an existing address on the Receive pane - then this address is not related to your wallet.

That’s just the technical truth of how it works. No emotions are considered.

I am currently developing a program that will allow people to verifiably check offline if a certain address is related to a certain wallet (12 words). But it’s still in development.

This issue will be happening more than never, when people either make a mistake when storing the 12 words, or make a mistake when sending coins to their wallet (coins end up on an unrelated address).

P.S. If you are certain that you have the right 12 words and the right address - then you just have to HODL onto them for now. Once the tool is developed, if it actually shows that those secret words and the address are related - it may be used to file the additional report to IOHK


I’m certain that I have the right seed for my wallet. No mistake made transfering funds or writing down the key. I keep hearing from support that this never happens, but I’ve heard it from several people in the community. When will the API be complete?! Can you understand that it has been since Dec “17 without access to my funds!

Your frustration in these circumstances is entirely understandable, but please note everyone on the forum is just an ordinary user like you (except in the few cases they have cf_ or io_ in their username) so there’s no point in being angry with us.

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Excuse me, but I have no idea what u are taking about. If you are not the person to help with this issue, your criticism is not needed.

Sorry, the category is Community Technical Support, this is not the place to communicate with IOHK/Daedalus developers.

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I know people related to this project would like to say is a matter of the holder mistaking the seed phrase. However, with what you are attempting with dynamic address, which are randomly generated, it is very plausible that the nodes do not properly sync with the wallet; especially in my case where I shut it down in the middle of the process. I’ve come to this conclusion, as whenever is open my ADA wallet it stops all of my other Eth based wallets from syncing with there nodes until restarting my PC. Now, I would hope someone from support would deal with this issue instead of just trying to pass it off as some isolated incident.

I would be nice if they replied to emails…

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Never interrupt wallet restoration. Daedalus makes no guarantees on data validity for now if you have interrupted the wallet restoration in the middle of the process. Delete all existing wallet data and repeat restoration procedure, without interrupting it. See this comment for details:

I’ve done this several times. If the wallet hangs for almost 2 days, you cannot expect for some to intuitively not shut it down. When will the API be completed?

Just to give me a better understanding (don’t send me any seed or transaction address)
When you’re sure about the transaction: does show this address with the correct amount?

The explorer shows the transaction in the same address that I’ve made multiple transactions to, which mutes the idea that it was sent to the wrong address.

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Not really. You have sent coins to the address, and this address now contains coins - there’s no problem in this logic. But it does not in any way prove that your keys are from this address.

Again - I don’t say that it’s definitely the case. I’m just saying that it’s the most probable case. And there’s no proof that it’s definitely not the case.

And that’s how easy it is to avoid admitting there is an issue with the nodes syncing with the wallets. I have a time stamped photo of my keys; dated beyond the last transfer. There are numerous reports about this in various forums; it can’t be that everyone mistook their seed or sent to the wrong address. The sad thing is that it seems the team is waiting to weigh the number of people who are affected vs publicly admitting this flaw.

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Proof is required in order to admit a problem.

This does not prove that those keys are from the address in question.

I see no logical problem in assuming that everyone of those who report such problem is:

  1. Either mistakes the symptoms and actually have different solvable problem
  2. Or reports different problem with a bit similar symptoms and gets mistakenly added to the group with this problem
  3. Or has indeed made a mistake in ether the keys or the address

Team cannot admit an unreproducible problem, existiense of which no one can prove. That’s not how software engineering works.

UPD: though, Cardano is an open-source project, so you’re always welcomed to review the code and report any possible issues that you actually can point out.

I already mentioned above what to do in order to get proof of either a bug in the program or a mistake from the user part - wait for the special tool that checks relation of an address to a wallet. Once it’s developed - you will be able to check if you’re right and show it to the team.

Until such instrument is available - there’s no much point going about complaining.

I offered a very reasonable way to confirm the address to the devs; send a fractional amount of ADA to the address in question, if it shows up in the wallet in question then we have our answer. They went dark after this request…

First of all - thank you for some actual details of how it already was tried to be solved.

If you send some ADA to the address and then you can see this ADA in an explorer - it would not prove the problem.

If you have your Daedalus open, and it does not show transactions from the address in question. And then you send some ADA to this same address and Daedalus does show this one ADA transfer - then this would prove the problem.

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And that is exactly what I think. But to buy ADA do this, and then have the dev continue to ignore the situation (as the have been) is a risk. Why are the devs refusing to do this? Why did they go dark after after I recommended the very same solution that you presented. Before doing this on my own I want the devs involved, so there can be no further excuses.

You can buy 2 ADA on an exchange to test it out for yourself (one additional ADA is for withdrawal fee). And if it’s actually shows a problem - you may create a video showing this problem. Such video (if properly produced) would actually show a big problem with Cardano, so I think it’s worth to try it. Your video would need to contain:

  1. Your opened Daedalus wallet (no secret keys).
  2. “About” dialog of the Daedalus showing the latest available version
  3. The total balance of the wallet
  4. The transaction history
  5. How you open the official and show an address that already contains some transactions, but those transactions are not present in the Daedalus (and not represented in the total balance)
  6. How you send ADA from an exchange to this same address
  7. How Daedalus actually shows these new just sent coins, but still does not show old transactions on the same address.

If you produce a video that shows all of this - this would proof a serious problem in Cardano or Daedalus.

Also video should somehow proof that you have the wallet properly fully restored. Having a visible transaction older than the missing ones would probably be enough. Or you may actually include the full wallet-restoration process (on my laptop it takes only about 3 hours).

I cannot answer this question, since I don’t have your full correspondence history with them, and I’m not working at IOHK.

Devs most certainly will not do this, since it’s free software and IOHK does not provide individual support plans for Cardano, beyond what’s offered at the (Maybe only to original ICO participants, but I don’t know the details about this)

You are free to seek a support from the community and\or 3rd party paid professionals (but I would not trust those with secret keys).

I just tried to buy ADA, but as suspected I would’ve have to buy .001BTC worth. Why would they do this to determine if there is a serious flaw in the system?