"No compatible devices found." from emurgo.github.io when making a transaction from yoroi wallet

After the latest update for my Ledger Live and Nano X, I am facing this issue whenever I make a transaction. I’ve tried re-installing my ledger live app, and have reset my nano x device.
I can’t seem to make any transactions!

I understand that u will need to select the type of ledger when this message appears (ledger x for example)

got it. thanks!

I’m facing the same problem. I did select the correct ledger nano but still get stuck. What am i doing wrong?

Try to use adalite.io

Thanks for your reply. I have tried but still get it to connect to HID device. :fearful:

Hope to hear from those whose resolved this issue.

I managed to connect after changing a few USB cables, it identified my ledger nano s.
The problem now is, when i tried to send it, it tell me that, something unexpected had happened and asked me to try again. Which i did but it didn’t help.

Will try to restart my laptop and try again. SIGH

sometimes you will have this issue with yoroi, that’s why I recommended to you adalite.io (it’s safe and work like a charm)

I tried it on adalite.io and it WORKED! What a relief! :sweat_smile: Thanks for responding Alex!

So for those who are facing the same problems with this, make sure to try different USB cables.

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