No create shelley option on yoroi

I bought a trezor T and trying to add ada to it and stake it but from the very start of trying to set this up I run into a problem. I am not given an option to make a shelley wallet. When I click create wallet with tezor the only options are standard and byron era. ??? wtf

If u open yoroi → add wallet (shelley era) → connect trezor , still not working? Can u try via

No Shelley era is not an option. Only “Standard” and “Byron” are the only 2 wallet options listed. Every guide and tutorial has you simply clicking on Shelley, not for me.

connect the trezor on and check there

I made an adalite and put 1 ada into it. What exactly as I suppose to check?

Now disconnect the trezor and try to connect again on … if u see 1 ADA balance then it’s safe to send all funds

Check twice the address before to press submit

yes I definitely still have that 1 ada. Might be safe to add more ada to adalite but I want to use yoroi.

But if u will move all funds to trezor on u will can also connect the trezor (later) on yoroi when you will fix the issue

PS: try with another browser

I apologize if these are dumb questions and it’s something simple and stupid I’m doing wrong. I just liked the interface and over benefits to yoroi from what I’ve looked up over adalite.

still the same thing on 2 different browsers I tried.

Can u try (just for test) to install yoroi on your mobile and check if u have shelley option active?

Yoroi removed the Shelley era from the title and it only shows Add Wallet now, maybe this is the standard one that you see.

So a standard wallet is a Shelley wallet?

Ok its set up I see the one ada I sent using adalite but now It wont let me use chrome. Chrome is the only browser I like to use. Just keeps saying Something unexpected happened. Please retry. When I try and connect to trezor using yoroi on chrome. I have pop blocker turned off. It works on edge browser but not chrome now. wtf I am so not impressed with yoroi. The way they take shelley option out and just expect people to know to click standard wallet when every guide on the web says click shelley and it’s no longer there and now this.

Because byron ers was deprecated meantime

Notably, there are a few coins the Trezor One doesn’t support , including Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), Eos (EOS), Tezos (XTZ), and Binance Chain (BNB). In addition, neither Trezor device supports Uniswap (UNI), Avalanche (AVAX), Graph Token (GRT), yearn.26 Jul 2021
Adalite wallet is a simple and good wallet which will link to Trezor,

For what it’s worth, my Shelley Wallet on Yoroi converted automatically to Standard after the Alonzo hard fork. This begs the question: Why is it so important to you to have a wallet of the last era instead of the current one?

Yoroi is ok. You should have just clicked on Learn more and you would have found the difference between the 2 type of wallets: standard and Byron. If your wallet was created before 29 July 2020 than is a Byron wallet and you should use that option. If it was created after that date it’s a Standard and current walltet type.

Next time mabe it would be better to just do one or 2 clicks, read what is there and don’t just blindly follow the guides from the internet because the software may evolve over time and that is normal.