No Desktop Icon appearing after DD Installation

Its most likely a pretty basic question and im sorry for that.
I made sure i meet the requirement and i installed it on a hard drive with enough space. When i try to start it as administrator from the folder itself, it says something like “please start daedalus with your deskop icon or from your windows start menu”. The Problem is, no Icon generated and i cant find it in my windows start menu too. Any ideas on what i did wrong?

// I started the cardano-launcher file in the dd folder as administrator and i think the wallet popped up. Is this a fix? :smiley: No Icon still tho

// accidently shut down the pc at 90% sync, after restart it starts sync at 0%

Hello krompfig,

You can select “Daedalus Mainnet.exe” as icon.

cardano-launcher.exe is ok por run Daedalus