No error in Yoroi, but total balance is incorrect


I withdrew some ADA to my wallet this morning, the transaction went fine and I can see my addresses in Cardanoscan with the correct total amount. BUT Yoroi is not showing the correct total amount, it only shows my previous amount which was delegated some days ago. Is it normal because I already had ADA delegated or is it a sync issue with Yoroi?


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If on the balance is ok then it means there are sync issues with yoroi

hello i deposit some ada yesterday and i have same issue now and balance is not right now . i generated a support ticket but its not answered yet and Of course transaction is on

Check this update

My mobile Yoroi app has the same issue. shows correct balance after a tx this morning but yoroi on my phone hasn’t updated (available funds and new/used addresses haven’t changed).

However my iPad and desktop yoroi apps are working. Correct funds displayed, and just completed a successful transaction on ipad.