Yoroi wallet balance not matching CardanoScan

For the latest Epoch rewards, Yoroi says I only received half the rewards that CardanoScan shows that I earned.

This results in CardanoScan showing I have more Rewards Available, and a higher amount of ADA staked than my Yoroi Dashboard.

It appears there was syncing issues recently with the mobile app—this is happening on the Chrome extension, is it the same issue? Is there anyway to fix this, or is this a common server glitch that will take care of itself?

CardanoScan shows the correct amount earned and staked, so I’m assuming nothing has actually been lost.

Everything should be fine, cardanoscan.io is 100% correct

Perhaps yoroi has some synchronization issues

Provided it is a sync issue, the obvious fix would be to sync or wait for it to be sync’ed.

I did a resync on the wallet last night and again today, but it did not remedy the issue. Oddly, after refreshing the browser at one point last night, it displayed the correct balance for a split second before snapping back to the incorrect balance.

At least Cardanoscan is showing the correct amount, with the the accurate balance staked, so I’ll probably leave it alone for a few days and see if the issue persists after this Epoch is complete.

And to the best of your knowledge, there isn’t any network connectivity issue ? If the issue was indeed on the server then many other users would be impacted as well.

It doesn’t seem like it. I sent additional ADA from the exchange to my Yoroi wallet, and it came through quickly as usual, within minutes. The Yoroi summary dashboard updated my balance to reflect that test transaction.

But the total balance and rewards displaying in Yoroi is still off, not reflecting half the rewards from the last Epoch. (But Cardanoscan is showing the correct amount, so I have in fact received it).

Yoroi issues, be patient … if u will restore the wallet on adalite.io you will see the correct balance…

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OK, then the issue is probably elsewhere. I do not know the nodes they use, nor how do they use them for Yoroi but the point of using of light wallet is that you entrust someone else with synchronizing a node and extracting the relevant information for you. Notwithstanding network or server application issues, you might encounter weird bugs from time to time… As @Alexd1985 said, be patient, and it should resolve by itself.


As of this morning, CardanoScan and Yoroi are now showing the same amount, but it has gone in the other direction. Instead of Yoroi updating to show the higher amount shown in CardanoScan, the CardanoScan numbers have reduced to show the same as Yoroi.

Kind of bizarre seeing the CardanoScan balances reduce like that, but what can you do. Hopefully the this evening’s rewards distribution won’t be so screwy.