No "In" peers on Producer Node

Yes, the Producer will comunicate with ur relay via private network
U will need a port forward only for the Relay

the PF should be like this:
All public IP port 6000 will connect to on port 6000

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Ok, the forwarded port for the producer is now gone.

Can u show me the PF for the relay?

What is the PF?

Port forward

Ok, now restart the producer node
Show me the relay topology push script; did u modified the private producer IP?

It appears I did not change this one to private yet

Oh man… u are using port 6001 for Producer?
Then in ur Producer env file replace 6000 with 6001 also and restart glive


lol… is 6001 bad?

No, but u need to update also the env file if u not usong the default one (6000)

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Is there a command to restart gLive?

Nope, just press Q or Ctrl+c and start again

also do u have fw activated on the producer?
sudo ufw status

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UFW is active :+1:

These look right to me…



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Ok, now looks better

And the glive for relay?

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Should the relay have multiple in peers?


Perfect, yes, only the relay should have connections with other public nodes

Now looks ok; case closed :slight_smile:


OH MY GOD THANK YOU!! You have no idea the joy I have right now, I’m so happy its working! At this point is it just let it sit and do its job? I just need to update and maintain it now?

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No need to do much things now… the nodes are working

Only few customizations when u will have time

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This is spectacular! I can not thank you enough, I really appreciate you taking the time to work with me and get it going. It feels good to be up and running. Now to find some delegators lol

Yeah, this is the hard part :slight_smile:
You are welcome


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