No password for Yoroi browser extension?

I love following the progress of Cardano. I truly think it’s an amazing project!

My question is about the Yoroi browser extension. I installed it (in Brave) and connected to Ledger and made a simple test transfer. All went well. I was surprised that when I returned to my browser a week later my wallet balance was visible for all to see. I closed the browser, re-opened the extension, and it was still there.
I’m concerned about privacy on my computer. Any guest can easily see my balance. Is there a way to attach a password to the extension, or somehow require the Ledger to be connected and open?

Thanks in advance.

Its coming, currently WIP. While the funds cannot be sent out unless someone specifies a spending password (or confirms via hardware wallet), until the feature is available, you can remove the extension for now, and connect back using the same hardware wallet (or 15-word seed) when needed, since the restore is instantaneous.

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I was curious if this is still a work in progress? I recently installed the Yoroi wallet browser extension on Microsoft Edge and it too does not seem to require a password once closed. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.