Node_secret.yaml; should BFT be used with incentivized Testnet

The documentation for the node_secret.yaml file discusses the Byzantine Fault Tolerant BFT option; however, some of this documentation does not describe that this is for a centralized configuration. Now that the decentralized incentivized network is being tested, the documentation should clarify whether the BFT setting are appropriate (I assume not).

For instance, the IOHK page: is part of the “Incentivized Testnet Stake Pool Operators”. This section (2.5 - Starting the node as a leader candidate) provides instructions for configuring the node_secret.yaml file with the BFT settings.

I’d like clarification. Should a stakepool operator for the testnet be including the BFT settings in their node_secret.yaml? If this option is okay, under what circumstances would you want to do this?

Finally the separate documentation, , clarifies that “Jormungandr allows you to start a BFT blockchain fairly easily. The main downside is that it is centralized, only a handful of nodes will ever have the right to create blocks.”; thus, this does not seem to be a configuration needed for the incentivized testnet.

Not required for ITN participation. The BFT key is only required for a few nodes (IOHK I presume) that would activate in case the normal consensus would stop working.


is all you need in your node_secret.yaml as a normal node participant.

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