Not understanding was a "redemption code" is has cost me many hours of work, fear the potential loss of a significant investment!

DaedaiusRedemtion Code may have made sense at one point? But the name "Redemption " IS ambigious movies forward! i.e. it does not refer to the code needed ro cask in your coins!

I beat myself up terribly for not paying more attention during the installation process because I misspelled? One of my seeing words… i.e. it was not written clearly it was illegible a very dumb newbie type mistake… lesson learned I spent hours reviewing a long-lost working knowledge of Bashrc…(the"Terminal Apt for MacOS) it’s been 15 years…

Please find a way to express this message to other people because I saw many notes from people, that like me, almost had a myocardial infarction ( heart attack)

right to be aboard! thank you


Your ada is on the blockchain. Wallet is just an interface. If your address shows the correct amount of ada her e- relax - you’re cool


Thanks, very kind of you ,
although I am not sure how to look things up (super new) thanks


copy/paste the address from daedalus here or the transaction id


I used the transaction id and it worked! ooooo
I can’t thank you enough…so this is proof if i ever needed it for some reason


Yup but now they are on the system, and you are in charge of the security.

I am assuming you are a early adopter, seeing the price going down, you are coming in to sell some :stuck_out_tongue:

!right…I am in for the long hall I am guess 2019?

I dont think thats long :smiley:

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i am 47 that is long


Nah! live till you die—I am closing in on 80. LOL


Nice of you to help like that. Awesome!