Old version gLiveView

Where I can find older version of gLiveView?
With the newest one I got error

Guild scripts has now been upgraded to support cardano-node 1.25.1 or higher (1.25.0 found).
Please update cardano-node (note that you should ideally update your config too) or use tagged branches for older node version.

But better for u to upgrade ur node to 1.25.1 version


Thx for replay.
I have downloaded latest available compiled version from Hydra - Build 5698700 of job Cardano:cardano-node:cardano-node-linux

Do you think that is better to compile newest version by themself, even for production server?

Hi, friend,

Please clarify, I am not able to access my ADA CARDANO balance in the EXODUS wallet. I’ve tried REFRESH BLOCKCHAIN, but the message comes: Cardano rescan error. What should I do? Thanks

Do u have the latest version? Since when u are not able to access ur funds?


Hi, friend…
Antes do hardfork eu estava conseguindo , há 7 dias

hello friend… 7 days ago I accessed my balance normally, but today there is zero balance on cardano

My version is 21.2.12

Try to update it



my dear friend, i followed your advice and updated EXODUS, and the balance came. I want to thank you immensely for your attention. Big hug from Brazil. If one day you can come for a walk here in Brazil, it will be a pleasure to welcome you to our home.

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That build is out-of-date, you need to compile the latest version. You can do this on your local machine and then replace the binaries on your production server if you prefer.