One Transaction to delegate to a pool is sufficient even after new deposits?

I got a chunk of ADA and I staked it to a pool. Over the next several days, I deposited more chunks of ADA to the same address. is still showing a large chunk of ADA that I delegated to a pool as a transaction and everything else I have sent to that address since then has not changed how is displaying the public address.

Do I need to make a new pool staking transaction to properly stake all of the new ADA I deposited after my initial staking transaction? Or, is improperly displaying the ADA for my address?

No but it takes some time untill the newly added ada are delegated.

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But why is my balance showing weird on ? Is the site just not prepared for properly displaying staking transactions?

I can’t speak to adascan but the way this works in Daedalus is that you actually delegate a “wallet” so any ADA in the wallet is automatically delegated to wherever you had it delegated before. With that said, you won’t start earning rewards on the new ADA until the next epoch so that’s probably why adascan doesn’t show it yet. In any case, your ADA will automatically get staked to the same pool that the wallet is already delegated to.

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