OTP Verification for joining Telegram groups

I got a system notification that goes like this:

Please enter /otp hidden in your chat against Charlie to complete your verification!!

Any information about this? What is the main purpose of this verification?


Telegram is contaminated with bots and scammer and since there is no native solution built in telegram, we had to come up with a own solution.


Makes sense, So for specific telegram groups this verification is required? Which groups are those?

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Most of the “offical” groups which are led by ambassadors.

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Is there a list to see those groups? I’d love to join them

Here Cardano Stay Safe Series: Official Community Channel List


Thanks for the info!

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I also came across with this issue

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Hi there. I can’t authenticate my account as it seems that another user used my profile authentication? Any ideas how is that even possible and who do I contact about it?

Not sure what you mean.

Feel free to send me your Telegram username per DM.

thanks, right away