Please, have been trying to restore back my yoroi account on my mobile phone

The restore button keeps being disabled if:

  • You did not provide a wallet name.
  • You did not provide a spending password.
  • You did not give the repetition of the spending password or they do not match.
  • You did not give as many seed words as you specified in the step before that.
  • The checksum of the seed phrase is not okay (meaning you chose a wrong word in some position).
  • Surprisingly often: You put all seed words in the field for the first one separated by spaces. You have to acknowledge every word with click or enter.

Yoroi should give you a hint in red, what it thinks is wrong.

ccvault has been renamed to Eternl a few weeks ago, but it is a good recommendation.

thanks it worked. “You have to acknowledge every word with click or enter.”
I had pasted all the 15… but I had to put 1 word at a time and select and hit enter then it restored!! thanks!

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