Please Help! Can I lost my ada? with infinito wallet holding from 2017 byron


  • i hold my ada (byron) from 2017 in infinito wallet
  • i have password, seed and private key from infinito
  • i see my funds in exporer
  • my wallet start with Ae
  • i do some input transactions in febreary of 2021 and output in december of 2020 (with binance)

Now i found that i can’t withdraw my ada (“The network faces short term issue”), see - Problem with infinito wallet, can I create raw transaction with private key?
After reading this topic - Ada in Infinito - #32 by Karlaz
I start to worry about lost my ada(

I always think that if I have private key mean that I can send my ada (and I save some private key from infinito settings, it has 174 chars length if i not miss count) but in above topic mentioned that this can not help if I store my ada in infinito wallet before shelley( i did not understand why? this is some different private keys from ada address?

Can I lost ada with infinito?

Hey @Evgeniy_M

You probably should contact the support from Infinito. We always recommand users to use one of the offical wallet because we are able to provide support for those wallets but ive never used Infinito so far.


Try creating new infinito wallet on another android device and withdraw your ada from new wallet. Think other user had same issue and this helped him.