POLL: 2019 Year-End Price?

Let’s take a poll to see where we will land in terms of ADA/USD price by the end of 2019. Give me your December 31, 2019 price prediction.

Here is to crazy ones!

  • $0.01-0.05
  • $0.06-0.12
  • $0.13-0.20
  • $0.21-0.30
  • $0.31-0.40
  • $0.41-0.50
  • $0.51-0.60
  • $0.61-0.70
  • $0.71-0.90
  • $0.91-1.00
  • $1.01-1.50
  • $1.51-2.00
  • $2.01-3.00
  • $3.01-$4.0
  • $4.01-5.0
  • $5.0+

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Just to reiterate: this is a poll for END OF 2019 price prediction. This is still open if you want to cast your votes.

34 votes so far… interesting how this will shape up.

Here is how it all breaks down. The poll has two large polarized groups–the bulls (21%) and the bears (13%). The truth could be somewhere in between. The weighted average of all votes comes to $1.136.


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It’s funny, but according to my predictions no one voted for the correct price :wink:

I’m not very bullish for 2019. But time will tell.

Your prediction must be in 0.06-0.12 range then… or 4.01-5 range (depending on your definition of “not very bullish”). The only other price range not covered is zero to 0.01 range.

Jan 2019 max price poll showed that those who voted for 0.05 were closer to the actual price than any other group. In that poll this group constituted around 7% of votes which was half the size of the largest group which voted for $0.10.

If we extend the same logic to this poll, which by no means should be taken as science or financial advice here, the year-end price should be between 0.51 and $3, or $1.75 if you like to average. The largest group (21%) says the year end price will be around $1 - 1.5. the groups that are half that size (i.e. around 10%) predict the price at $0.51-3.

Now I wonder how this post will age…


Predicting crypto prices is a bit like predicting the weather. Sometimes it’s hard to trust daily forecasts, better always have an umbrella ready.

That’s correct. I like to analyze structural asymmetries and let the time take care of the rest. In the interim you’d see all sorts of events/conditions play out, but they are of little consequence, if the projects continue and if you have patience and nerves to stick to your plan.

Crypto in general demonstrates that potential although it is hard to predict who will be on the top. Judging by the caliber of talent (which is a fundamental factor), Cardano isn’t in a bad position.

Time to revisit this thread… so far the average favors end of year price at around $1.13

I voted $2 to $3 probably vote the same way today but 1.13 is definitely reasonable based on what happened yesterday as far as I’m concerned. Hope I’m right!