Poll - How long will you HODL your ADA?

Hi Guys, I’m creating this poll just for fun

  • HODL till Dec 2018
  • HODL till Dec 2020
  • HODL even after Dec 2020(IOHK contract)

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If you have specific year, you can mention in comments.

I’m planning to HODL even after IOHK contract is over.

4ever :kissing_heart:


I want to buy a house in Japan with a portion of my ADA, so probably after 2020. :wink:


I would suggest you check the mortgage path. It could (maybe) work better to stake ada and sell only for the monthly payment, rather then cashout “all” and buy out a house


Spend and replace

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That’s definitely a good suggestion. I will keep that in mind.

In Europe the banks can give you easy 60-70% of the value of the property. As we know the rates are kinda low now… :sunglasses: