Poll: What Should Be The Role SPOs Play in The Community?

What Should Be The Role SPOs Play in The Community?

  • They have no special place other than writing blocks.
  • I’d like to see SPOs active in various fields/sectors, and back their cause.
  • SPOs should serve as a professional guild for the network level (like IEEE, IETF etc.)
  • SPOs should serve as community leaders, and a focal point for community initiatives.
  • SPOs should serve as the gatekeepers of Cardano, and over time be granted special protocol privileges.

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Hey folks!
This is a first poll I’m posting to try and test the community’s waters on various issues (please DM me any ideas you are curious about). Good questions are not easy to come up with :slight_smile: .

What I would like to draw you attention to is the unscientific-ness of this little experiment -

  1. Phrasing of question and answers is crucial is this type of study. You need to double blind test it with other phrasings and control groups.

  2. Discourse (god bless them) offer limited poll functionality. One can consider quadratic voting or approval voting as examples, could produce quite different results. But we don’t have that here.

  3. A standalone question is almost always meaningless in this context. Even if the phrasing was “perfect”, flattening things into one question is always reductive, and unidimensional.

  4. Incompleteness. Of course I cannot come up with all the right options that people are considering.

  5. More…

I still hope this could provide us with some minor insight for the community, about the community, and it’s of course, kind of up to us.

We could also imagine a more fleshed out system where people interact with each other in all sorts of ways, on all sorts of topics, and that activity is “translated” or visualized somehow to represent some “collective sentiments”.
Thank you!

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Hey my friend rin9s. I am thinking that wording is such a big deal when it comes to questionares. When you ask what role SPOs should serve in the community I think they can serve all the roles mentioned but certainly they still have no special place other than writing blocks. SPOs are all citizens of Cardano just like any ADA holder is.


Let me add I know you are aware of this, just that it shows this is so important to get right! Forum samples are great for day to day talk but not for these matters.

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Thanks for the inpout @Eystein_Hansen mate.

Well, if SPOs would have some official capacity beyond what’s current, that would make them special citizens of Cardano, which they already are in a sense. The best example for me was the vote on continuing the ITN where only SPOs voted. Not saying it was wrong, but if that’s not special, I dunno what is :upside_down_face: .

And I guess what I’m asking here is if people would like to see SPOs function as official community leaders, or if they just want SPOs to mind the pools.
And for now, if not the forum, where @Eystein_Hansen?

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Just a quick clarification it was not only SPOs who voted on ITN extension. One of the critisisms was that this was not well understood and people where not informed well in advanced and in clear ways. For example it was only after a while coordinated a stance from CF where they decided to vote 50% for (well they said participated but I think they voted for) and 50% abstain. Statement from Nathan Kaiser on the ITN vote

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We definitively need different community platforms for different purposes. We also should not do it half at random and just try this and that but actually think carefull what are the decicions we are taking and how can we best sample the data and form opinions to get to that point where we should decide.

Shameless plug they could start by founding some projects to look at such platforms and such questions. Or do it themselves but ofcourse there are only x amount of people in CF they cannot do everything on theyre own and it in my opinion should be done together with the community anyhow.

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I meant the ITN vote wasn’t open to the community. Right?

Anyone who had ADA from the snapshot and registered for the ITN could vote I belive (delegators for example) and this was not communicated well. One of the reasons the vote failed most likely as it had a majority but not above treshold in participation.

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Looks like participation is around 1 in 6 atm (66 views, 10 votes).
So either there are a ton of lurkers of the forum, or my question/answers aren’t great. We’re learning.

What would you expect to be good participation here? 30%? 50%?

Sadly less than that rin9s. There is no social expectation this is a platform you should check often and participate in votes. So obviously you will have a low attendance. Even much more important votes.

I’m somewhere between ‘no special role’ and ‘professional guild’.

I personally don’t want either extreme, but rather a balance of the two. SPOs should meet a certain level of competency for the sake of the security and value of the network, but by the same token, if those standards are set too high by a guild for the sake of their pocket books, to keep SPO numbers at a minimum by making entrance standards too costly or lengthy to meet, discouraging new competition, then this is a type of legacy centralization that is counter to the primary spirit of decentralization underlying the cryptocurrency movement.

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