Pool cannot stay up - please help

All the installation process is working without any error but on every testnet and mainnet candidate cant stay up for more than 4 hours and i have this message.Every time the core dumped which i don’t know why.Any suggestions?

Im using raspberry pi 4 4gb.

Thank you

RPI is Arm64 and Arm64 (and regular Arm) is known to have issues (due to bugs in the Haskell compiler’s runtime system on Arm/Arm64).

However, 4G is pretty tight on memory. This runs comfortably in 8G. It might run in 4G after the code is finalized and we get time to reduce memory consumption.

i still face this problem…

8470 Segmentation fault (core dumped) cardano-node run --topology relay/mainnet-topology.json --database-path relay/db --socket-path relay/db/node.socket --host-addr --port 3001 --config relay/mainnet-config.json

Same situation for me. A core dump occurred not long after the relay node started running on rasberry pi 8GB. If you find a solution, please share.

Unfortunately, the only solution is to fix the problems in the Haskell runtime system. People both inside and outside IOHK are working on this but the fix will take time.

all solved on 1.19.0

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I am still getting the Segmentation Fault / Bus error (Core dumped), but after waiting 2 minutes, it starts