Pool management: 7 day epochs

Wouldn’t it be preferable from a pool management perspective to have 7 day epochs?

I think from a delegator’s perspective, it also makes sense to have 7-day epochs. That way, you can always check your rewards on the same day of the week.


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First of all, is there an info why the 5 day epochs have been chosen?

I have already proposed this, but it seems that they will stick to the 5-day one.

There are some rationale to have shorter epochs than a week as the delegates needs two wait 2 epochs for start earning rewards, but in the other had, we as the species are would prefer the got used things, a week as an example. But, 14 days or 10 days does not seem to me too much difference.

Though, anybody can create a poll in the TG FnF/Pioneer channel, for the epoch days <1, 1, 2, 5, week, >week etc.

from 10 to 14 days it is a 40% increasing in the waiting time. Thinking on the delegator side it does make a difference.

I actually liked the 24 hour epochs on ITN. This gives a regular schedule to check delegations. Waiting for 2 days is already a bit of a challenge especially if you delegate for the first time and if something goes wrong or you change your mind it takes just one more day to see the changes.

This is the Amazon experience. You order stuff and have to wait for a day or two.

Having to wait 10 or 14 days is quite long. I think the engagement factor of non technical people will be much higher with shorter epochs.

Is there any significant technical reason for 1, 5, or 7 day epochs?

@_ilap The forum even offers much more flexible polls than Telegram. See the :gear: icon in the editor menu

This poll here comes without a discussion about reasons, benefits and downsides. So participate just for fun, then might let’s start a discussion …

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  • 5 days
  • 7 days

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