Problem with Yoroi Paper Wallet

I tmake Yoroi Paper wallet. When I try to restore I failed so many times, then I only can restore with Yoroi wallet (the 15 words). Did I do something wrong? I mean after restore paper wallet should I wait for a long time until the balance in? or just instant like yoroi wallet?

It is instant. What exactly happens? Is the wallet empty? Sounds like you are entering the wrong password. A different password leads to a different wallet, please have a look at this video:

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Thanks for the reply…
So what I do is, I recover my wallet with the 15 words wallet (so called wallet) With the right password. It back to normal.
Then I create again the Paper wallet from there. But, when I download the paper wallet the plate number is still different with my original wallet.
Any idea why?

Now, I think I got it. The paper wallet is not a backup of your current wallet, it’s a different one, a new one.


So, what is the purpose of the paper wallet? Is that enough that we backup the wallet with the wallet backup?
Is that mean that we create new blank wallet without purpose?

… thank “new blank wallet” IS the paper wallet! it’s completely offline.

The purpose of a paper wallet is: it’s unhackable. Please take a few minutes to read:

So, to conclude. The best practice will be:
After I create paper wallet, I transfer the ADA from regular wallet to this Paper wallet address and leave it there.
As long as I don’t activate the paper wallet, the ADA in this paper wallet will remain untouch. (expect if I loose my paper wallet or somebody stole my paper wallet). Correct?

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