What is the different between wallet and paper wallet?

Hi guys,
I just update Yoroi wallet to 1.6, but I kinda confuse.
Can somebody please explain to me:

  1. What is the different between wallet and paper wallet?
  2. Why the plate of wallet and paper wallet different even it is in same wallet?
  3. While making paper wallet, why they asking number of addresses? Did I only have 1 address?
  4. In the Receive tab, Why I can make a lot of address in Yoroi wallet? and which one is the default one?
  5. If I have 3 address xx,yy,zz? and I only make paper wallet of 1 address, is that mean the wallet in yy and zz will be gone?
    I’m sorry, asking too long, but it really confuse me.
    Thanks in advance
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A paper wallet is a concept of not storing a wallet in a digital way. A paper wallet is only a paper wallet until it has been imported. It then automatically becomes a software wallet. I wrote a detailed article about different wallet types and their attack vectors, you may want to read it if you have some spare time: https://www.adatainment.com/index.php?page=articles_wallets_and_attack_vectors

It’s not. The plate is the same, otherwise its not the same wallet. (Looks like this is your problem in the other thread) The main idea of the new plate feature is to recognize same wallets. It’s a checksum. Same wallets have to have the same plates.

It’s just a cool feature. Usually paper wallets have one address, Yoroi makes it possible to have more addresses. I personally love this feature.

There is no “default”, you can use any address.



Thanks a lot for this information. It really help

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If any one checking balance by qr scan of paper wallet then your info will not be hacked plz reply as soon as possible

the qr code on a paper wallet is the ‘public address’, it’s used to check the balance and for making deposits to the wallet easier. it is ok if someone sees this, they will be able to see the balance, they cannot spend.

the private part is the seeds words! never share them, as they will unlock the wallet if used with Daedalus/Yoroi.

if you feel someone had access to copy those seed words… at that point the paper wallet is compromised and could be ‘hacked’.