Proof of Stake - How to Take part?

How can i take part in POF? I’m looking for the apps which i have to run if i might have been elected for generating a Block?

All explenations are very theoretical. i’m looking for a Little bat more handy explenation how i can take part in this concept.

I might be wrong but as far as I know it’ll be part of Daedalus wallet and to take part you only have to be running Daedalus with your ADA stored there.

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Thanks for you your quick answer. This is what i have expected but didn’t found in any description.

Good. I credited Ada to the wallet of Daedalus. So, what is next? All I participate in the creation of blocks ??

Creation of blocks is still not implemented so at the moment keeping your ADA in Daedalus is ok in terms of security, that’s all. Apart from that you’ll have to wait.