Proposal for Human Token to fund humanitarian farms to help the homeless

The idea is Human Token which would fund humanitarian farms. I think these farms could be placed in cannabis friendly states, and can give whoever needs a safe place. I think it would be way safer for everyone if the homeless were in one area instead of scattered all over. I think if given free cannabis they might stay in the area. I think this could not only give the homeless a place to live, but if placed at a border could also help control immigration.

Humanitarian Farms will grow marijuana/ hemp to smoke, and for medicinal purposes.

The slogan will be “We Work Together, We Cry Together, We Celebrate Together” It will be a step in destroying separation, and inequality.

The people will be given cannabis/ hemp, but no alcohol allowed on the property. The product can be sold/traded, and tracked using blockchain technology.

The only separation allowed is single verse family. The best way to explain this would be like if your looking at a map of fortress with lines around illustrating layers of defense. The layers of defense would instead illustrate the difference in single verse family status with the fort being the “farm”.

The “single” layer = Individuals will be loaned a space to put whatever removable dwelling they like

“Family” layer Will be more apartment like for children

The farm will bring in the revenue to run it. The people operate the farm with guidance. People can learn a trade, and acquire a savings from the “farm”

The “farm” could not only be a decentralized revenue machine done on the block chain, but a learning facility to help with : citizenship, knowledge, shelter, savings, feeling of belonging, family.
A “farm” could provide knowledge in many different fields which in return be used as job time.
Hydroponics, growing, clipping, shipping, management, solar/wind/water/ power, heavy machinery, inventory control, block chain technology, and more and more.
Everyone would get paid the same, same living status, same weed, and it would be tracked by identification cards. “job” level increases will be rewarded with the knowledge received from doing that trade.
Learning could be free from agenda. Say a “farm” is charged with the history of their hemisphere. The "farms " upload their data to the block chain and share it with the other “farms”
All languages with representatives get taught
Decentralized communities with the talent brought up from within. These could be all over the world. A person could have a safe place that doesn’t discriminate, and given a chance to succeed.
Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal

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Hi, Everyone
I have a lot going on in my day to day, and not enough education to do anything more with this project. I thought of the idea, and thought it might do a lot of good. If anyone thinks it’s a good idea they can take it over. I can donate my time to the project as my day to day allows. If it’s not a good idea no harm no foul I put it out there.
I hope everyone the best they can be :slight_smile:

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The project reminds me of the last part of this book, written decades ago. (There was a film version made a few years ago which in my opinion was not a very good rendition of the book.) The author was a visionary who saw many things about today’s world in advance: in this case describing a subtle dark side to creating a “safe place” like the one you describe. :face_with_monocle::pray:

I am a big fan of “Housing First”, giving people a home without preconditions to start reincluding them into society. Your segregated “safe place” seems a bit antithetical to that.

“control” as in “keep away”?

That is very black and white. Sure, all in all cannabis is the more harmless drug, but only more harmless, not harmless. As above, help without preconditions – not even alcohol abstinence – seems more humanitarian to me.

The rules of your “farms” also seem very strict, almost like a cult. Shouldn’t the goal be to get homeless people back into “normal” society, a society that in large parts would never accept such rules?

I also do not really see, where the use of tokens/cryptocurrencies/blockchains is essential to this concept. The educational content could just be uploaded to an off-the-shelf wiki and the pay would be more frictionless and less segregating if it were in whatever is the currency used in the surrounding community.

My ideas dwelling setup was based around homeless liking the tent scattered around lifestyle. I just don’t think it’s okay for kids, and that’s why I threw the “apartment” style living in for families. I’m all for the easy way of cookie cutter apartment complex’s, but if people don’t want to live there then it defeats the purpose of giving homeless a safe place. I think a good first step would be to do survey’s asking the homeless where they would wanna live. Then customize my idea to that data. The foundation of my idea is to use the token to fund the “farm” and the farm to sustain the housing. The objective was to link the digital world with physical world, and do some good. How we get there is up to all of us.
Thank you for your replies

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I think the housing setup, and farm should be customized for the primary goal of a particular area. Examples transitional modern living on boarders to help with citizenship, with cannabis, truffle, grain, or whatever resource that’s available to sustain the living.
another example might be a apartment living/tent with cannabis crop
another could just be apartments/grain farm
I think it can all be tracked on blockchain, and people can move around to whatever fits there own individual needs.

Participation at the farm wouldn’t be mandatory, and the farms might need to seek paid labor. I’m not saying you have to work to live there.
Another way to flip this too an additional benefit is too customize what farm it will be by the area to help with the increased crop shortages. The crop pays for the housing, and also helps with food shortage. Some cases might be the crop doesn’t completely pay for the housing, and it might need token funding or grants.

The free cannabis and alcohol restriction are details that can be changed. Along with all rules. My thought of no alcohol was to take away from the party atmosphere if doing tent living. That could get out of control fast I would imagine.
The “control” immigration is to help with housing, citizenship, trade (job) and the transitional living from one place to another ( or one farm to another). I think there just can be better ways to handle immigration then what we’re currently doing…
This is not a “crypto” specific project there is always other ways, but hey here we are :slight_smile:

Why use blockchain technology I think is a good question. I was drawn to it, because I read somewhere it didn’t discriminate. I think a foundation that doesn’t discriminate is a good start. I was thinking more of a decentralized community, and not a cult. I think blockchain technology is super cool. I think that’s a massive advantage for an individual that’s getting help in the community to have the opportunity of blockchain technology learnings. I believe the hands on experience that would be available to an individual at a farm could help change there life forever.
Doing the project on blockchain will bring resources, and minds together from all over the world. I believe that fits the scope of the project more than uploading educational content. I believe a Cardano benefit besides global recognition for something amazing would be the first shot at all the creative minds(developers of tomorrow) the blockchain is helping.

I think there should be at least two different setups one to help immigration, and the other to help homeless. I think it’s important to have them connected by blockchain technology to allow the people to move from farm to farm, accuracy of reporting, and less corruption/stealing. Wasn’t Cardano looking for real world issues to solve? I think this project has the potential to impact the homeless, immigration, and crop shortage. This is a benefit dense project that could change a lot of lives for the better.

Hi everyone I hope all is well
I’m working on a revised proposal with an added dynamic to it, but due to current extreme life struggles I don’t have it finished.
( I’m not looking to run this project, I’m hoping it would be community voted, and over-seen by a council )
Some changes, and the new dynamic will be:
First is an added farm (business) model based on taking an old “out of date” town ex… old logging town, steel mill, plant that just sits in ruin, and the model will be to “refurbish” the area.
The revised concept idea will have two model’s a ground up and refurbish. I think the models should be known as decentralized physical communities, and I think they should have a Cardano Foundation office in the physical community. (teach block chain technology, and recruit)

Housing changes: Will be similar to above meaning “ground up” or “refurbish” buildings, but the housing will have two different aspects including a “standard” apartment style living, and a plot of land for tent/rv living.

Governing body I feel should consist of a council with each member bringing an expertise aspect of the concept to the council. I think the council should be voted on by the community. I would like my involvement be as a member of the council, but it would be voted on along with the other council members.

concept update, and vision
Proposal for Human Token to fund a Decentralized Community which can help refurbish the land, offer modern technology (currency generator) give shelter, food, education, healthcare, currency system, and be tracked on block chain technology. The community “structure” (businesses that represent on the block chain) ex currency generator, store, housing, healthcare, education will be voted on by the community.
My vision is to be able to take the Decentralized Community wherever in the world and be able to setup and do the above mentioned things. ex a refurbished mill concept in Colorado, or a ground up in Ukraine, and have them all linked. (people can relocate from community to community as the law allows.

Now this concept is a Decentralized Community that will operate within another governing body, and will have to adhere to all local, state, federal, and country of origin laws.

Please give feedback as this concept is always evolving
Be Well

Update: Benefit for Illegal Immigrants, and homeless: Not only can these decentralized communities be put on the border to help with housing, gain citizenship if wanted, learning a trade and overcome the language barrier with language lessons and be provided healthcare, they can also allow a person to move from one community to another, including transportation. I think this will also be super helpful for those who are homeless. What if an individual thought the grass was greener on the other side, scraped up everything they had to move to an area that was going to solve all their problems and that location was not a good fit? Life can certainly take some wonky turns and if someone has used all their resources, they may have and are unable to leave the situation, it could be detrimental to their overall mental and physical health. Its a scenario that unfortunately plays out way to much and I think this community concept can help immigrants and the homeless. This community concept would also be effective in fire torn areas.

I believe the effectiveness will come from the blockchain technology and being visible by all with tamper protection. Again I think this is an amazing way to bring the digital and physical world together and do great good while teaching current and future generations to navigate the world of cryptocurrency. Instead of thinking about why not to do this, think about how amazing it would be too do :slight_smile: