QR-Code small size in cardanoexplorer.com

Hi! I have a problem with the cardanoexplorer.com site, when I want to scan a QR-Code with the InifitoWallet to send ADAs between personal wallets. I can’t scan the QR-Code from this page because the image is very small in relation to the screen resolution of my laptop (full HD). I solved it by increasing the page zoom many times so that the sensor can detect it. It’s not a very reliable way to operate, plus it’s very basic to my needs.
Did this happen to any of you?



I second that and there should also be an easy way to copy the address into the clipboard without scanning a QR code.

(at the moment you need to copy the full address from the address bar)

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Agree, on hovering the explorer could display a higher resolution QR code.

Not true, double-click + Ctrl+C works, even though some of the address typically becomes hidden via CSS.

Ok, I did not expect that it would copy something different than it shows. Who does?

By “an easy way” I was more thinking on a button with a clipboard icon.

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