Yoroi android wallet - paste option not working


I’m trying to send some ADA using my Yoroi wallet, however I dont have the QR code for the send address, only the string. I can copy this address and paste it into other applications but in Yoroi the paste option never shows (when I do a press to paste action).

What can I do?


Mobile or desktop version?

Do u have the latest version?


I have the same issue! Paste is not working and scanning QR code gives error. I can’t send any coin out. I have latest version of Yoroi wallet and no update is necessary. Please help. I’m using the android version on Samsung galaxy s9+

If u are using chrome , try with firefox please;

No I’m using android wallet.

I’m using android version of the wallet. Can I restore it on Firefox and see if it works? If the answer is yes and it’s safe to do, do I need to change my spending password? And in this case am I not going to have access to android wallet anymore? And what will happen to delegated coins? Should I leave the staking first? Plesee advise if there is safe step by step process. Thanks a million!

Nothing will happens, just restore it and use the same spending password … u will be able to use on mobile, ur delegation will not be affected… keep it on mobile as well

Thank you for your response. Are developers aware of this issue? Any update about fixing this problem?

UPDATE: my issue has been solved. I was able to scan the QR code. Didn’t sent out any ADA yet but seems functional. I will update this topic in case of any changes. Thank you Alex!

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I don’t know if it is a develop issue… I don’t have this problem on my phone (iphone


Yes, android. And yes updated to the latest yesterday.

I can paste into the amount field, but not address field.

Perhaps, android bug? I checked on my iphone and never had issues

Well, specifically a but in the android yoroi wallet. Not android as other apps can paste without problems.

Yes, understand, u can contacr yoroi team