Raoul Pal and C.H

These two need to get together. Can we make that happen?

maybe ask one of the guys who has interviewed Charles previously that Charles respects to set it up? Never heard of the guy, who is he btw?

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Finally got a chance to check him out. Very interesting.

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I started following him on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. He does post some interesting things.

It would be interesting to see what effects a recession would have on the crypto market, BTC in particular as it is touted as a ‘store of value’.

Also, after a recession, how Blockchain/DLT could help rebuilding a more decentralised and interoperable economy.

I think I might start saving some cash in the event a recession pulls the crypto market down with it. I would be happy to scoop up some cheap tokens.

If/when another recession hits will be interesting to see how Bitcoin and other tokens do. Some say it will act like gold others say it won’t. Going to be interesting!

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The entire fiat system is on the brink of collapse.

I’m in ADA, XRP, Silver. I feel the crypto asset class is going to see trillions entering, starting Sept. 23. :slight_smile:

That date will probably be good for XRP. It usually does well on the run up to the Swell conference.

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Just my 2 lovelace on Raoul Pal, I have high respect for this individual and his team. He has provided his opinion no macroeconomic trends for a long time (check out his Twitter feed) aka a major financial / economic reset is in the brewing where crypto can play a significant role. He is also connected to the recent General Electric whistleblower Harry Markopolos who exposed GE’s account practices recently. I believe blockchain will revolutionize accounting and minimize if not eliminate these “questionable” accounting tactics that are common in companies. A meeting between CH and Raoul would be epic!


Epic. Agreed.

Can you imagine if Raoul was on “our” side. He’s got some major connections.

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