RAUSI | RausiPool Introduction

:white_check_mark:About Us
The RausiPool is a stake pool established in December 2019. Our purpose is to run RausiPool in long term and support Cardano ecosystem. RausiPool is located in Finland

:white_check_mark:About Hardware
Own server, Own monitoring scripts with email notifications, VM Ubuntu OS, Fast 200M fiber internet

:white_check_mark:About work experience
Over 20 years work experience at technology area. Programming experience in the following languages: Basic, C++, Visual Basic, VBA, QT, ABAP, Bash Scripts

:white_check_mark:Pool Details
:green_circle:Pool: RausiPool
:green_circle:Ticker: RAUSI
:green_circle:Pool ID: cbd910f09f2c4f4804eeed10003da6dc8be4970950eaec93b7d76fc6
:green_circle:Pledge: 5k₳
:green_circle:Fees: 1.9% margin + 340 ₳ Fixed Cost
:green_circle:Location: Finland
:earth_africa:RAUSI | RausiPool Website

Link to PoolTool
RAUSI @ Pooltool.io

:slightly_smiling_face:Would be nice if some of you delegate some ADA to this Pool.
:sunny:Thank you very much and best regards from Finland :finland:

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