Introducing Pool KMakise [KURIS]

Hi everyone!

Allow me to introduce myself and my pool.
I am a freelance engineer, specialized in web application development, in Tokyo Japan.
Aside from my regular job, for the past 5 years I’ve been spending my spare time for developing a foreign currency chart wave analysis tool that tells when to buy or sell.
Then there was one time, from my investor friend whom I often hand my tool to as a tester, I hear tell about Cardano. Not only its future promising technology, but also its ideology got me so into this wonderful world. Soon after knowing Cardano, just like you all, it didn’t take me too long to know that
this is the community I’d like to get involved.
With many helps from SPO Japan Guild (thank you!), I managed to start running pool from epoch 273.
Don’t know how exactly I would contribute to the community yet, but I would definitely update my FX analysis tool for crypto currency to support future investors!


  • Ticker: KURIS
  • Pool ID: 78149b89d9aa69657ff326a82a0949e5c61b44d4d25b87f8ea6c9a0a
  • ​Fee: ₳340+0.0%
  • AWS server composition ↓

Cardano Stake Pool


  • EC2
    • BP server: c5.2xlarge. 4 core 3.6GHz CPU. 16GB RAM. 256GB SSD.
    • relay server: t2.large. 2 core 2.4GHz CPU . 8GB RAM. 30GB SSD.
  • Data Lifecycle Manager to automate scheduled snapshot.
  • Once the server detects predefined alert, it sends a message to my personal slack channel.


  • add a relay server created on a different AWS region.
  • send a slot leader schedule to S3 storage so later others can conditionally handle auto-recover.

Some of you might notice from the ticker name, and you are right. Yes I am a big fan of Steins;Gate :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for reading,

Screen Shot 2021-07-18 at 20.17.30

Just reached 1.1M of delegation!
The fee is fixed to 340 + 0.0% and no intention to change it in any circumstances.
Also, added another relay server: t2.large. 2 core 2.4GHz CPU . 8GB RAM. 30GB SSD.

Our Staking Pool KURIS will be donating to charities starting this year, and will be continuing every year.
Here is a link to our donating policies, describing how much we donate, whom we give to charities, and when.

Our missions are,

  1. Keep writing fresh articles to intrigue future ADA holders, more the holders, higher the ADA price, and eventually more rewards to the delegators.

  2. To help bridge the gap between delegations and charities. As we set our fixed fee to the minimum 340, take 0% margin and the donation funds come from this 340, delegators are technically giving donations to charities by selecting our pool, without compromising their shares.
    340+0.0% FOR GOOD.

  3. Through writing articles and actively get involved in the community, to support new SPO joining the Cardano ecosystem, realizing more decentralized governance.

Please consider supporting our missions with delegation. Your contribution will help us continue our work supporting SPOs, investors and charities.

Any question regarding our pool, or information of charitable donations you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to send me DM on Twitter!