Receiving address used twice

Hello there,

got back into crypto game after a while and i am consolidating my cardano from vairous exchanges into Kraken.
I made a rookie mistake by using one address twice (luckily i didn’t send much on the second use) and now it seems it’s “stuck”.

In older (3 years) posts i read that it should not be a problem and that you can send it to the same address multipletimes, but i am wondering if it’s still the case or not. I am thinking not. The second transaction to the already used address has been stuck for almost an hour and I haven’t received the TxID yet. When i first used it it was done in 10 minutes or so.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Should not be a problem, u can send more transaction to the same address

Check on the status of transaction


Thanks for the feedback. So far nothing :frowning: let’s see in couple hours

It means the transaction was not initiated yet;

I thought so. But I am not sure why…

Maybe Binance issue?

My timeline:

  • 2h ago i sent ada from binance to kraken (address 1) = processed 10m later
  • 1.5h ago i sent ada from binance to kraken (address 1) = still stuck (no txid)
  • 1h ago I sent ada from bittrex to kraken (address 2) = processed 10m later

Well let’s see what happens. Nothing else to do then wait i guess :neutral_face:

No problem, just wait, if the transaction will fail u will receive the funds back to the balance

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