Recovered Wallet-Balance of 0

My recovery went okay however I am shown a balance of 0. I made a new purchase however it still only shows my current transaction. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  1. Open Receive tab in the Daedalus
  2. See the list of addresses
  3. CAREFULLY compare them with the address you have sent your coins to

If the address you have sent your coins to is in there - then recovery is not ok, try to delete the wallet and recover it again.

If the address is NOT on the list - you most probably have sent coins to a wrong address, or recovered a wrong another wallet. In this case - you need to try and recover the wallet again but VERY CAREFULLY input the 12 words, it is possible that you have made a mistake in the process.

Thanks for the reply. Yes the address checks out. I have attempted to do a restore 3 times with the same result.

I suggest you to cross-check cardano blockchain explorer by input public address of the wallet. You can check the balance without opening Daedalus. Sometimes, the balance in Daedalus Wallet and Cardano explorer could be different due to some bugs during synchronization in the Daedalus wallet.


Asolutely. Thank you, @Alex_Halim for this suggestion.

@Richard_Douglas, you can use proposed or to check if this address you see in the wallet actually have any balance. If it does not - that means that Daedalus synchronisation went ok, but you may have sent coins to a wrong address :frowning_face:. But if an explorer shows that address actually have balance and you see that address in the Daedalus - then there’s nothing to worry about and there’s just a problem in the restoration process.

As long as blockchain has your coins on the right address - everything is ok. Everything else is solvable :slight_smile:


Точно такая же проблема ,тоже показывает баланс 0.Переустанавливал 4 раза .Показывает и транзакции и адре и сумму,что она на кошельке,а там 0.

My reply from support. Seems to be nothing I did, it’s an issue with the software.

Thank you for contacting the IOHK Technical Support Desk. This is a known issue and our developers are working on solving it. We do not have a workaround at this time. You may want to try using Daedalus on a different machine for the time being.

We will contact you when we have a solution. It may take some time to resolve your issue so please be patient. Instead of making a new issue when you contact us to follow-up, please reply to this email.

No change with new update. Still missing my ADA. Issue I believe is that after restoring my wallet it created a new receive address. As a result it is not picking up the previous receive address.

How can that be resolved? How can I add the previous receive address to Daedalus?

Daedalus always detects any active addresses if they are related to the wallet, order of generation is unrelated here. There are only two possibilities:

  1. You did not properly wait for the wallet restore and interrupted it

  2. You have wrong keys from another wallet (most probable)


@Richard_Douglas never confirmed that the address contains any ADA according to the Explorer, so it could also be:

  1. Address is actually empty.