Recovering a Yoroi wallet created with Trezor

Hi I’ve created some wallets on Yoroi using a Trezor Model T. I’m using passphrases and sending and receiving fine, but I can’t see how I’d recover a wallet should I need to.

I’ve set up a test wallet on Yoroi using the Trezor, so what I’d like to do is delete the wallet from Yoroi Settings, then recover it to make sure I’m comfortable doing it.

I was expecting to see somewhere where I’d need to enter the Trezor seed phrase + the Trezor pass phrase, but I don’t see anything like that, all Yoroi is asking for is to input the seed phrases for wallets created directly on Yoroi.

Has anyone had any experience with this please?

If your Trezor stops working or you lose it, you need another Trezor to be able to restore your wallet.

The seed phrase is held within the Trezor T. Never, Never, Never enter your Trezor T seed phrase into Yoroi. Never ever! Otherwise you are exposing your seed phrase and compromising the security of your Trezor T.

Once you have enabled the additional passphrase feature on your Trezor T then you can think of this as an extra phrase to your normal seed phrase. Thus each passphrase entered in your Trezor T becomes a separate key generated from the one seed phrase plus the extra passphrase.

All key actions are done in your Trezor T and not in Yoroi.

Therefore it is easy to restore your wallet in Yoroi when you have deleted it. Just do the following:

  1. Insert your Trezor T to USB and enter your PIN to unlock it
  2. Open Yoroi
  3. Select “Add new wallet”
  4. Select Trezor T
  5. Allow the web plugin to access your Trezor T public key
  6. Enter your passphrase for the wallet you want to add

Basically you are just telling Yoroi the combination of your Trezor T seed phrase + passphrase. Yoroi gets the public key calculated from these two values.

Any transfers you make from this wallet on Yoroi will require you to connect your Trezor T, unlock with the PIN, and enter the passphrase.

Most importantly, understand that the passphrase referred to above in all cases is a passphrase used by the Trezor T to add to its internal seed phrase in order to generate the correct key. It is not a spending passphrase for Yoroi. Yoroi does not use this passphrase, it is used by the Trezor T.

This is in complete distinction to the passphrases used by Yoroi for other (non-hardware) wallets. For these non-hardware wallets, Yoroi uses these passphrases to encrypt the key (from seed phrase) which was generated by Yoroi.

Try using Daedalus with the same Trezor T and your Trezor T passphrases. You will be able to restore your wallets on Daedalus so you can use either Daedalus or Yoroi and see your wallets in both. Daedalus forces you to input your passphrase on the Trezor T itself using its touch screen. This will show you how this passphrase is really used by the Trezor T. Daedalus doesn’t ever see it. Importantly, you will restore your Trezor T wallets in Daedalus without entering any seed phrases.

With Yoroi, it is a bit confusing because you enter the passphrase for the Trezor T in the Yoroi web extension. However the Yoroi web extension is just providing a convenient way to enter the passphrase and is sending it directly to your Trezor T.

When you are using a hardware wallet, you generate the seed phrase on it and you write it down and store it in a safe. You never need to access this seed phrase unless your Trezor T gets lost or destroyed. Then you get another Trezor T, open your safe, and configure your new Trezor T with your seed phrase. Then you just restore your wallets as explained above. Make sure you store your passphrases somewhere safe too.


If you just want to recover it being in Yoroi: Delete it from Yoroi and just “Add new wallet” – “Connect to hardware wallet” exactly like you did the first time should make it appear again.

If you want to test-drive a broken Trezor, you could start from here User manual:Wiping the Trezor device - Trezor Wiki to simulate what would happen if you receive a brand-new device and want to put your old seed phrase on it.

Never give your seed phrase on a computer! It should only be given to the Trezor device itself! That’s the whole point of having a hardware wallet that only hardware wallet knows your secrets. And when using a hardware wallet, Yoroi does not need to ask you to type any secrets, because it asks the hardware (and the hardware in turn asks you if it may do that for Yoroi).

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Thanks for all your advice, I’ve followed it and everything works as you’ve described. Thanks again