Issues with Yoroi/Trezor

Hi, I have a new laptop so I downloaded Yoroi and connected with my Trezor however my wallet with my tokens does not appear. I can still access the wallet on my old laptop using my trezor. How can I access my wallet on my new device?

Yoroi → new wallet → connect trezor


Does it connect, but show a different wallet or does it not connect at all?

If it does not connect at all, it could be some USB or permission thing on your new laptop.

If it connects but shows a different wallet: Have you used Trezor passphrases ( If you give a different passphrase it will take you to a different wallet.

Does your seed phrase have 12 or 24 words? For 24 words, Trezor can do two different master key derivations. Does Yoroi allow to choose between them? Might have chosen the wrong one.

Thanks, this is what I did but it generated a new wallet on Yoroi

Connects and shows a different wallet.

Are you referring to the Yoroi wallet passphrase or Trezor wallet passphrase?

The Trezor passphrase as described in the link.

There should not be a Yoroi passphrase for hardware wallets.