Restore multiple wallets in Yoroi with Trezor T

I use a Trezor model T in combination with Yoroi to store my ada coins. I found a solution to stake my ada funds in seperate stake pools using the information on this page

This works as a charm and now I’m staking in 5 different stake pools, I wrote the phasphrases for each extra wallet on a piece of paper.

Now I’m wondering how I can restore all these extra wallets if needed as far as I understand I need my 12 seedwords plus the passphrase for each wallet.

Is that a correct assumption? Let’s assume I lose my Trezor T and need to resore my yoroi wallets on a new Trezor T how can I do that I searched the web for hours to find a tutorial which shows how to do that but to no avail. Many thanks for your input!


Trezor has an option for hardware restore base on 24 security words when you installed trezor

How many wallets do u have on trezor? You should have 5 right?


Hello Alex,

Thank you very much for your response, the extra wallets were created in Yoroi chrome extension not Trezor. But I needed to confirmed the passphrases in my Trezor model T

Anyhow the wallets are visable in Yoroi not in Trezor suite.

In the user manual you included it says:
Note The “Advanced recovery” only applies to [Trezor One] For [Trezor Model T] the recovery process is restricted to on-device input by default.

I hope this clarifies my problem.
I did select the option 12 security words is there something wrong with that?
Thank you very much

Option 12 security words are less secure than option 24 words but this not meaning is not secure…

Be carefull where u keep the seeds words for each yoroi wallet and trezor wallet and u will be safe (keep them on paper or on offline device)


Thanks very much again, I like to think I understand all of this but I would feel much more comfortable if someone can point me to an explainer video how to restore multiple wallets in the Yoroi chrome extention with Trezor model T just in case the moment will come I need to do that.