Recovery Daedalus

I can’t restore my Daedalus wallet. The word “batray” is not accepted.

Have you tried betray instead?

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this word cannot be entered

I’m no expert but I believe this is the list of all possible words:

I’m surprised that “betray” cannot be entered because it is on the list, “batray” is not.

Daedalus accepts words from the BIP-39 specification. “betrayis part of the word list.

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I did not understand how to solve the problem.

batray is not a word that Daedalus can give you. You didn’t write it down correctly. It might be betray or battle or something else. Try with those. This is the list of possible words.

It can be, I tested it.

no, wrong phrase.

We have absolutely no idea what is happening, except through your words. If you want help you need to tell us exactly what you do and exactly what happens when you do it. “Wrong phrase” is nowhere near enough.

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there is no "betray"in the list of available cannot enter a phrase. try typing the word yourself.

I’m sorry, you are wrong, both @hayamoto_jr and myself have checked and betray is definitely on the list.

It is true, however, that you cannot type a phrase, each word has to be entered individually. Start typing and you’re offered a selection beginning with the typed letters, click on the correct one. I haven’t done this myself but I think you might have to press Enter/Return on keyboard to get to the next word. I do know for a fact that it goes wrong if you try to type more than one word at a time.

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I enter each word separately. 11 words can be entered, one can not.

Again, we need more information. Is the word that cannot be entered “batray”? Because that is not a valid word. Also, are you entering them in the correct order? Is there anything else you can tell us?

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Do everything right. What are the details?? Here is a screen.

You have been told been told quite clearly several times that “batray” is wrong. As you can very easily check for yourself, there is no such word in English.

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you should not use batray but betray

similar to

not Vasanian but Vesanian is the correct name

@Vesanian, у вас Русский язык указан, всё правильно?

Правильно писать bEtray, через вторую букву E, только маленькую.

again! in my phrase this word! the phrase automatically gave me a wallet!!!

even if you are still convinced it gave you the “batray” word
Can you simply try to use “betray” ?
For me? only once? please?


@Vesanian, а вы попробуйте ввести все ваши слова, но “batrey” замените на “betray”, просто чтоб проверить