Redeem ITN Staking Rewards from CLI with only public and private keys

Hi, I hope anyone can help me.
I want to redeem ITN rewards from my ITN stake pool.
When a ran my ITN stake pool I made the address for rewards from command line. I only have public and private keys (no phrase):
Public key format: ed25519_pk10…
Private key format: ed25519e_sk13…
I just search all over the web and follow every single tutorial but when I try to sign the transaction I get the following warning:

Shelley command failed: transaction sign Error: Error reading signing key: addr.prv: There was an error in deserialising the data part of the Bech32-encoded string into a value of the expected type.

(addr.prv key file is in format: addr_xsk1…)

Please, I need a step by step proccess with the latest CLI version.

I know this is a tedious process and that is why I will give 300 ADA as gratitude to anyone that can help me to accomplish this task.

Many thanks in advance.

Please read this page