Lost ITN Recovery Phrase

Hey Friends,

Somehow I managed to lose my Incentivized Test Net recovery phrase. I realize thats a lost cause, but as I still have the recovery phrase for my main Shelly wallet, is it possible to create a new Test Net wallet so I can start accumulating funds again and secure that new recovery phrase?

Thank you

hey @Ryan_Dawson

Im not sure if i understood you correctly. But with the ITN wallet seed you can only restore your rewards which you received during the ITN.

The ITN isnt running anymore, so it makes no sense to get a new testnet wallet.


Thank you for the fast response.

I think I explained my issue wrong, I am trying to redeem my rewards from staking. I seem to have misplaced the 15 word recovery phrase to and was wondering since I cant redeem those awards anymore if its possible for me to move my staked funds somewhere else so I can start earning rewards again with a different 15 word seed.

Thank you

You cant move your funds from the ITN anymore.

Or do you mean on the mainnet? If so yes you can move them at any time.

I suppose I don’t fully understand how to redeem awards then.

I have my 24 recovery phrase for my shelly wallet, but I don’t have the 15 word phrase to be able to redeem my awards.

Since I have lost this 15 word phrase does that mean I can’t claim any rewards from staking anymore?

No if you dont have the 15 word seed from your ITN wallet you just cant redeem your staking rewards from the ITN anymore.

If you want to use your rewards on the mainnet, you can just make a new transaction and spend them without “claiming” them.

The ITN and the mainnet arent connected to each other in anyway.

So there is little point to me staking now since I cant ever get access to the rewards it accumulates?

I think you dont understand me correct.

The rewards you earned on the ITN are lost without the seed from the ITN wallet (15 words). Expect you were using the ITN Yoroi app --> https://www.reddit.com/r/cardano/comments/ipug4q/claiming_your_itn_rewards_via_yoroi_even_with/

If you start to stake now on the mainnet, you can spend your rewards aslong as you have access and your spending password from your mainnet wallet.

ITN was the incentivised test net,which has already ended. For the testnet you had to create a rewards wallet with 15 seed words. If you don’t have those as far as I know there’s no way to redeem the rewards Fr the testnet.
However we can now stake on the mainnet. You said you have your 24 word shelley wallet, so you can use Yoroi l, Daedalus or adalite to stake your mainnet Ada. On deadelus you don’t have to withdraw the rewards, when you send Ada it will also take it out of the rewards account (there is no separate 15 word seed for that, it’s all connected to your 24 seed phrase). On yoroi there is a link on the dashboard to withdraw rewards to your “normal” wallet, again no extra seed needed. When you use the withdraw option you get prompted if you also want to revoke your staking certificated (this is only needed when you want to completely undelegate and get the 2 Ada deposit back, so normally this is not needed).
If you use Daedalus make sure to go to daedalus wallet.io or use the link on the cardano.org homepage to download the recent version. For yoroi you download it via the chrome or Firefox extension library.